Why is solar energy important? Is solar energy ambitious and realistic in our society?

With solar energy, we can store solar energy for up to 18 years because it brings us the potential for technological applications. This means that we can use solar energy regardless of the „weather, time of day, season or geographic location“. It is important to avoid CO2 emissions.

The reality is this: It helps to regulate the climate because we can innovate a clean energy economy and most importantly create new climate-changing energy emissions for renewable energy, which allows us to embrace the hydrogen economy. Not only do we have better climate change, but our society also has cleaner water.

The potential is that we can reduce emissions of the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2) of 11 to 13 kilograms of coal from each fossil fuel. This enables us to further reduce emissions from the production process by „25 to 30 kg CO2e“.

In addition, solar energy has enormous potential, not only for the rich but also for the poor people in Mexico, for example, because their own farmers and entrepreneurs will benefit from it while the government subsidizes fossil fuels. Because the development of new energy transmission grids can bring positive renewable energy into our society. Because we should also not forget that if we invest more in solar energy, we will become independent of Russia’s fossil fuels as soon as possible.

In addition, parking garages in Switzerland are equipped with solar energy systems.

There is not to Russia, but to achieve better climate goals.




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