Digital Policy

Digital Policy

Political party AustriaIn this digital policy we will bring new political changes in different sectors, as well as references in which Foreign Minister “Sebastian Kurz”, we have to bring our country Digitization for better political and economic development,

As I mentioned in my previous article Spain in age and Digital democracy.

The economist photo

The economist photo

Technological changes, start with the age of the Internet, mobile, virtual currencies and Apps lead us to a better political analysis.

As political transparency in a Digital Democracy, improving better social development. With digitization of new ideas and innovations such as:  e-learning, for use Barcode identification for citizens when voting for a political party through Mobile and Apps identifying voters for party, with that we do an improvement to our Political and social economy.

The opinions of the source of information must be very important and that it also allows imageto have the data quickly in this digital system performance with good results, and a big motivation in the opportunities that were leaving an expectation with high performance in  cooperation of the processes electoral; with a good impression of social and political structural modules.

Also in the new Digital Policy we find extraordinary changes, with applications to a better future for the citizen; also with the hope that brings to us the new technological ideas it helps us to favor to our countries and regions in different areas.

Since modern politics with Nicolas Maquiavelo, up to the current policy. In this digital age.

Photo Zachary Lucasiewicz

Photo Zachary Lucasiewicz

The economists speak about a better form like seeing this democracy. Technological, economist, ecologist, social with international cooperation and an organization of the Political safety in different dimensions. The digital topics of this globalization it has to have a very clear approach at the time of talking in favoring of the social and economic progress.

Other options that is, that would help in the digital Monetary policy, in the digital policy and its remarks in this digital politics; as the Bitcoin, Litecoin. Usw. In this future without limits!

Or the digital education in premature age in children. If we want a better education we have to start, Knowledge and the concept of good work done by a student, as an opportunity to demonstrate the ability in different ways. Will be the future of tomorrow? In preference that you want to write more with hand or write in a digital tablet?

Thanks you very much Nihlas by the interesting question.

In other clearer definitions in this digital policy, we must also take into account and respect the issues of personal data, and private in the electoral process and electronic data.

In reference of “the article 12” of the universal declaration of the human rights in postulation of integral protection of the human being at its freedom and privacy since it guarantees., In this article 12. 1

We can change the future, if we look at the past. Only then we find the solution we seek.

Carmen Aguilera García


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